Le Petit Playhouse has a variety of themed rooms, scaled down to be the perfect size for little people, and carefully designed and filled with props to offer a creative and educational play experience.

Children can stroll around the village and shop at the market or meet their friends in the café. For little popstars and actors, we have a theatre in which to perfect their performances, or they might choose to become a fire fighter or a police officer for a while.  There is always work to be done at the construction site and budding young doctors and vets can play out their roles in the different medical centres.  We also have plenty of parcels to be delivered around the town through our courier service and a visit to the beauty salon is always a must. 

A variety of play equipment, toys and costumes are available to support every child’s role play adventure. At Le Petit Playhouse, we have something special to help every child’s imagination flourish. 

Imaginative play gives children the best basis to begin to develop, refine their character, and understand the people and the world around them.  It is important for future skills like problem-solving, communication, and creativity. Simple toys, that don’t do the work for the child, is where creativity can thrive.

Through imaginative play, children can step into another’s shoes and learn how they feel in different situations. They develop a feeling of empathy and understanding of actions and reactions. Children will also learn that emotions are not like other skills. Children must develop emotions over time and take other perspectives into account as well. They will get a feel for different situations and find the best way of handling them.

This is a place where children will learn, develop and just enjoy being a child. It is a little world for big imaginations, so come along and delight in watching your child learn through play.